For every $25 donated through the o.b.(R) Share-It-Forward program, Huru(R) International can supply one girl with sanitary protection and other essential items for one year.

Sharing it Forward has become a way to pass on our blessings of wealth and health to others less fortunate. o.b.® Tampons has made it easy to help others with their o.b. Share it Forward Outreach to help raise money for Huru® International to help women in 3rd world countries who lack personal feminine care.  And you can help from where you’re siting right now.  To participate, just visit the o.b.® Share It Forward program on Facebook and share the message with your network of friends.

Huru International – o.b. Share it Forward  Video

What is Huru® International?

In Swahili, the word huru means freedom. It signifies independence and personal growth, concepts that Huru International was built on. We believe that all girls should be free to lead healthy, happy lives and have access to a proper education. Our mission is to empower young girls living in poverty to become self-sufficient. – Huru International

Huru® International is an organization who has developed a cost-effective solution to the problem millions of women face – lack of affordable sanitary protection.  And the devastation caused by this can last a lifetime.  For an adolescent girl in developing country, this can mean staying home from school for 3 to 4  days every month during her period.  We take for granted all of the choices we have – pads, tampons, overnight, light, pantyliners, etc., but for these girls, it’s a rag or nothing and blood stained clothes.  Imagine the embarrassment.

Through Huru® International, at-risk girlscan recieve Huru® Kits at no cost. Plus the girls are given the resources and knowledge they need, including sanitary protection, to complete their education and safeguard their health. Plus the kits are manufactured at the Harambe Centre, based in Mukuru Kwa Njenga, by staff drawn from the community. This provides them sustained employment while helping others in their country.

Huru Kit

Huru Kit

What’s included in the kit?

  • A drawstring bag that doubles as a backpack
  • 8 reusable sanitary pads
  • 3 pairs of underwear
  • Detergent-grade soap to wash the sanitary pads
  • A re-sealable, waterproof bag to safely store used sanitary pads
  • Educational insert focused on proper Huru® pad care and usage
  • Life-saving HIV/AIDS prevention information

The Goal

For every user who shares the Huru® International’s mission (instructions below) o.b.® brand will donate $1 to Huru®.*  The kits are valued at $25 each, so for every 25 shares, another girl’s needs are covered.

So how can you help? It’s simple!

  1. Like the  o.b. Outreach Facebook Page (click the o.b. Outreach Tab if necessary)
  2. Select your state from the drop down box (under the green box)
  3. Put a check mark next to the box that says you’ve read the Terms & Conditions (of course you can read them first)
  4. Click the pink “Click to Share” button to post the message on your Wall
  5. Spread the word!

That’s it!  Please take a moment to help share the word about how others live around the world.  It also helps to remind us how lucky we are.  You have until December 5, 2011 to participate, but please do it sooner than later.

Donate a Kit

Want to donate directly and provide the funds for a kit?  You can do that here: 

About o.b.® Tampons

  •  applicator, making them smaller, more discreet and easier to carry than other tampons.
  • designed smarter to protect against leaks by evenly expanding all-around – not just lengthwise – to custom-fit the natural shape of each woman
  •  generate 58 percent less waste than any applicator tampon, helping women make a small, but mighty difference in the environment.

*The o.b.® Brand will make a minimum donation of $10,000 to Huru® International, and an additional $1 per consumer who shares the message about Huru®, up to $25,000. Donation not valid for consumers living in Alabama, Maine, Massachusetts, and South Carolina. Limited to one share per consumer.

Please Note:   I wrote this review while participating in a campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of o.b. and a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate but I believe strongly in the project and am happy to share.