My boo bag recipient #1 - he was so adorable!

I got the fun task of shopping for Halloween candy and then packaging it up as a Boo Bag surprise for someone in my community. I was looking forward to the task but first I dropped the dogs off at the groomer, shopped for some toys for the cat that just moved in with us,  reinforced myself for shopping with a large Diet Coke, and then I headed to Wal-Mart.

Great picture, huh. Yes, snapped while waiting for my car keys to be delivered.

When I arrived at my local store I noticed the trees in front looking gorgeous in their fall colors so I grabbed my camera and hopped out of my car to snap a photo.  The second I did it I realized I’d just locked my door and my purse and keys were inside.  After trying to break into my car the same way thieves had years earlier and failing miserably, I randomly checked my always empty pockets and there was my cell phone.  Whew, at least I didn’t have to beg someone for change to make a phone call – it was then that I realized I don’t even know how much calls are nowadays and worse, I realized I hadn’t seen a pay phone in years!

I called my son’s girlfriend who’s living with us (the cat’s owner) while my son is  away in Mississippi and as luck would have it I remembered I’d seen a spare van key in the basement bathroom.  A random place and random memory, but one I surly needed today.  So while I waited for her I decided to head into the store because it was freezing outside (OK, an exaggeration, it was about 50 degrees) and I hoped that if a thief walked by and saw my purse sitting on the front seat and keys in the driver seat, he/she wouldn’t be able to break in either.

Candy Aisle at Wal-Mart

So I randomly shopped the store, first looking at the decorations and then when I found the candy section I buckled down to work.  First I bought a bag of mini PayDays (for me) and then I bought bags of Mars Candies for my Boo Bag treats.  I picked out a sampling of Mars Brand Snickers, Peanut Butter Snickers, Skittles, Starburst, Twix, and M&M’s Candies. I thought the 250 & 252 piece bags were on sale…the signage above made it appear they were, but when I posted the photo of the receipt I realized I was charged $19.  Someday I’ll learn to pay attention at the checkout.

I rambled on looking for something to present the candy in.  I tried the housewares aisle but didn’t find anything fabulous.  I tried the organizing section and found a great gray basket, but it was too small.  I headed to the Halloween section and got totally sidetracked looking at costumes, wigs, and accessories.  I thought maybe I’d get some inspiration there, but nothing felt right or wasn’t sturdy enough to hold the weight of all that candy.  That’s when I decided instead of one Boo Bag recipient, I’d do three!  That was still a lot of candy, over 300 pieces each, so I still needed something durable.

The perfect Boo Bags - I love Snoopy & Woodstock!

I happened around a corner and tada!  There were the perfect reusable bags, durable and heavyweight, and they were cute!  Plus there was tissue paper and cards that coordinated beautifully!  So I just wanted a little something else and  found the perfect spider rings in the colors of the bags and I was set.

So my hopefully future daughter-in-law arrived with my key so I retrieved my purse and said goodbye and headed back into the store.   I shopped a bit more and got a rug for the backdoor -random, I know  – and I checked out.  I was so excited to get busy giving out the bags I put them together in the car and signed cards so the recipients would feel safer eating candy from a stranger.  I also included my blog business card.

My first Boo Bag went to the sweetest little boy walking with his mother. He didn’t speak English so I don’t know his name and mom was a bit suspicious of some stranger giving her an enormous bag of candy.  But they smiled and nodded and he posed for a picture and then they went on their way with a wave so I think they were ok with it.

Boo Bag #2 - the staff of WACAP

The second Boo Bag went to the World Association For Children and Parents (aka WACAP).  As I drove by and saw their sign I thought they’d be a great place to share some sweets.  Turns out they’re a non-profit international adoption agency that’s placed tens of thousands of kids in loving homes.  I walked in and said I had a surprise for them, explained what I was doing, and snapped a picture.  They were great sports!

I have one more Boo Bag left that’s either going to my local library, fire station, or neighborhood police officer.  Whichever I get around to first.  By the time I’d shopped, put the bags together, and delivered them it was time to pick up the dogs.  Granted, my stupid key shenanigans took away valuable time, but I enjoyed my stroll through the store at a leisurely pace. Would I do it again?  Heck ya!  I loved putting together the surprise, but I admit I was a little nervous giving them away.  Getting a food item from a random stranger is weird….but I rocked it!

Want to see my whole shopping trip?  Visit my ThisMoment page for all the photos and the rest of the details.

So, who would you boo if you were given the chance?

Happy Halloween!

NOTE:  This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias. #CBias #DontBeTheDarkHouse – all opinions are my own.