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It’s been two weeks since I went shopping at Sam’s Club and purchased Member’s Mark 4X Probiotics.  I’ve been taking them religiously every day since then and I’m loving the results!  Now I’m not one to generally talk about bodily functions, and I’m not going to start now, but I will say that I’m feeling fabulous and credit the Member’s Mark 4X Probiotics for it.

So what can you expect by taking probiotics?

If you’re taking a quality probiotic you’ll likely find that they aid in digestion, enhance your absorption of B vitamins and calcium, and help you keep a healthy intestinal microflora balance.  For women, there’s the added benefit of improved vaginal health and for everyone overall immune function.  I found that I experienced improved digestion with no stomach discomfort for the entire two weeks, even during times when my stomach usually experiences upset.  For the first time in years I rarely think about my stomach and that’s a pleasant side effect.

Do you need to take probiotics even if you eat yogurt?

Yes, I thought I was taking care of my needs by eating yogurt and occasionally keifer. Unfortunately, most all commercially available yogurts and kiefers are pasteurized and pasteurization reduces most of the benefits.  Even organic yogurt is pasteurized.

How to get optimal results from your probiotics:

  • Take on an empty stomach when your stomach PH level is at its best.  About 10-15 minutes before a meal and with filtered water (especially important if your tap water is chlorinated – chlorine kills bacteria).
  • Avoid taking it within 3 hours of taking any antibiotic

So will I continue to take Member’s Mark 4X Probiotics?

I’m not sure.  I love how I feel and I’m 100% sold on probiotics, but for me there’s the lingering question about whether or not these are vegetarian.  I’ll likely switch to one that’s organic (if they exist) and one that’s vegetarian for sure.  But for someone who doesn’t have these issues, they’re an inexpensive way to get some good, healthy bacteria in your gut.  I wish I could convince my husband to try them.  He lives on antacids and I think these would cure his ongoing stomach issues.


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