Hugh Jackson faces 20 mommy bloggers for Real Steel

Hugh Jackson faces 20 mommy bloggers for Real Steel – photo used with permission from

DreamWorks Studio’s new blockbuster, “Real Steel” hits theaters nationwide today (10/7) and while I missed the sneak peek because I got sick, everyone else who saw it that night LOVED it!  It is rated PG-13 for language and violence.

Is “Real Steel” more than Rock-’em, Sock-’em Robots for the new millennium? YES!  The heart of it is a father and son story and that’s where it pulls me in.  There’s also a love story with one of my favorite female actresses so there’s something for everyone in the family to love about the movie.

Real Steel | Charlie & Max

Still not sure?  Check out what Louise from Mom Start had to say…

Dakota Goyo is the Heart of Real Steel – Louise,

Watching Real Steel invoked many more emotions than I first thought it would. Seeing the previews and watching everyone talk about robots makes everyone think that Real Steel is all about action and suspense, but no, it’s emotional and full of heart. For women, I think many of them are going to put Real Steel […]

I’ll be seeing it, not on the 7th as we’re celebrating our 28th anniversary that day which is actually a day early because the husband is on duty on the 8th.  Maybe I’ll take myself to the movies that day?   Hmmm…a date with Hugh Jackman?  He’s a sweetheart.  He knows how to work a room and made everyone that met him during the event I attended a few weeks ago feel special.  I think I could make the sacrifice and spend the night with Hugh and a big bucket of popcorn that I wouldn’t have to share 🙂


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