Spice cupcakes with apple pie filling, butter cream frosting, and caramel drizzle

Spice cupcakes with apple pie filling, butter cream frosting, and caramel drizzle

It’s Saturday and while I have a million things I should be doing, what I’m actually doing is laying in bed with a migraine.  That is I WAS until the doorbell rang and I was inundated with my mom, baked goods, and a bird.

The baked goods were some experimental cupcakes made by my sister.  They were spice cake with apple pie filling and butter cream frosting with a caramel drizzle.  They were a sugar high for sure!  I’m a cream cheese frosting kind of girl and I think that would have cut the sweetness quotient.  Still, I was able to eat one and will be testing the rest soon….after all, it’s a sacrifice, but I’m up to it.

Along with my mother came her neurotic dog which adds to the commotion of a house that already has three dogs.  I planned to ignore them all and stay in bed, but mother summoned me from the living room.  Seems a bird was in the house.  We have a lot of bird feeders and quite often they accidentally fly into the window, but I’d left the backdoor open for the big dog and evidently the bird had come inside.  Unfortunately, it was trying to leave through the closed window and it smacked into it several times.

Mom's new little bird friend

Mom’s new little bird friend

Mom worked at getting her hands around it only to loose it a few times.  She’s short and reaching over the over sized couches isn’t easy for her.  She finally nabbed it and I had her stop for a moment to pose with it.

The bird took advantage of the momentary lapse in judgement and escaped from her grasp and flew directly into the window once again.  This time it fell to the floor below the couch and I was worried it had gotten injured.  As we moved the couch we were happy to see the bird was still alive and appeared to be well, so when she finally got hold of it this time, we skipped the photo session and got it outside.

So that’s the birds and baked goods part of the day…the bruises are an update on my leg leftover from my trip to LA last weekend.  It’s turned black on the back of my knee and still feels like I’ve torn something on the front of my knee.  I have an appointment for 7:30am on Tuesday (the doctor is gone for the weekend). I’m hoping it’s better by then and I can cancel, I am SO not a morning (or even afternoon) person.

Day 7 update - bruises everywhere - they're black in person and really ugly :)

Day 7 update – bruises everywhere – they’re black in person and really ugly 🙂

So here I am, back in bed, migraine still full force and still thinking about all I have to do.  The shopping trip to Whole Foods.  I’d planned on going today to complete a blog post I have due tomorrow, but there’s no getting there today unless I have some superhuman recovery from the migraine.

Today was interesting and I’m babysitting mom’s dog now – she’s pretty entertaining in her own right – while mom’s off at the Indian Casino playing the penny slots.  Here’s hoping she’s a winner.

So how’s your Saturday going?