Bloggers with Hugh Jackman - that's me in the far, right back

Bloggers with Hugh Jackman - that's me in the far, right back - photo credit (used with permission)

Life is back to normal after my whirlwind trip to LA over the weekend.  Hubby is back on duty and working his second job as well so I’m home alone with the dogs.  Yes, it’s that exciting around here.  I thought I’d lament a bit about what I miss…..just 48 hours ago I was in Los Angeles living the good life.

Top Ten Things I Miss About LA:

10. Mostly sunny days after the smog/fog lifts.
9. Celebrity sightings – Amy Grant and Jim Carey this time.  Plus getting to meet the directors and stars of “Real Steel” and “The Muppets Movie
8. Having a theme park right in the middle of town even if it isn’t a Disney park.
7. Being weirded out by all the human statues….they’re everywhere .
6. Palm trees and convertibles.
5. Random land use laws – historic cultural monument buildings like the Charlie Chaplin Studios (now the Jim Henson Studios) across the street from Girls! Girls! Girls! XXX-Dancing.
4. Having some place to go and things to see everyday – our schedule was packed!
3. Maid service!
2. Calling room service every morning for $25 bowls of oatmeal….and yes, it was worth it!
1. Hanging out with 19 other bloggers from around the country and some amazing Disney PR Reps who don’t think I’m crazy when I pull out my camera/recorder/phone to capture random events, sights, and general nothingness.

Home just can’t compete with the bright lights and room service….and getting to meet Hugh Jackman. I find myself laying here wishing for a knock on the door.  Oh well, back to life….back to reality…