Kandi Burruss is a singer and multi-platinum songwriter,  but she’s probably most known as one of the infamous “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” cast members.  On the show she’s one of the more balanced personalities, but after watching her web-only show on sex, I’m not so sure anymore.  But one thing I am sure about is her singing and writing talent and thankfully this new show is all about that.

Bravo Media announced today that they’ve greenlit “The Kandi Factory,” which will follow “The Real Housewives of Atlanta.” This new show will have Burruss taking her turn at trying to turn raw wannabe artists into pop stars.  Burruss believes she has the talent to turn anyone into “something hot” and is taking this opportunity to help aspiring artists have their shot.

“With her breakout personality and straightforward attitude, Bravo fans have grown to love Kandi on ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta,’” said Eli Lehrer, Vice President of Development for Bravo. “‘The Kandi Factory’ will capture a unique look at her successful music career as Kandi transforms two music hopefuls into the next big popstar.”

The special with give Burruss the opportunity to share what she believes are the fundamentals  of pop music success with two wannabes. Burrell has come up with what she believes is a winning formula for pop success: song, look and performance (not exactly rocket science). Burruss, along with a team of experts at The Kandi Factory, will work with these two contestants in order to turn them into music superstars, but will they listen to Burruss’ advice and rise to the occasion? Or will they bomb?

Will I watch it?  Probably not. I’ve already seen how the informal Kandi Factory was able to make a star out of her costar with “Tardy for the Party” and I am disgusted that a person with absolutely no singing skills was handed a hit thanks to electronic tuning, while thousands of incredibly fabulous singers can’t get a song because they’ve not got the same backing and support.  I suppose this is at least a step in that direction and here’s hoping these two contestants have some real talent.  Then I’ll possible change my own tune.

Burruss is a Grammy Award-winning singer/songwriter who resides in Atlanta with her nine-year-old daughter, Riley. She is a former member of the platinum-selling music group Xscape and the recipient of a Grammy for her work on TLC’s mega-hit “No Scrubs.” She’s also switching gears with music and focusing on writing country hits for popular artist, JoDee Messina. Burruss juggles her busy life as a single mom and hard-working career woman, but also finds time to let loose on the Atlanta social scene, stepping out with members of the music industry elite.

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