Shawn Levy and Hugh Jackman on the set of REAL STEEL = (c) DreamWorks and used with permission

I will have video and audio for you in the next few days, but I wanted to get a quick post up about today. First, I missed seeing “Real Steel” last night because of an accidentally Ibuprofen overdose after a tumble down the street in front of everyone – to say this was a weird weekend is an understatement.  So since I’ve not seen the movie I don’t have a personal opinion about it, but I have been listening to the conversations of the other 20 bloggers here (all who made it to the event no thanks to me).  Anyway, while it’s pretty universal that they all loved it, men and women alike, the discord appears to be the age-appropriateness of the movie.

Real Steel” is rated PG-13, but many thought kids as young as 9 would appreciate the film.  The issues that had the bloggers talking was the language, the seediness of the underworld, and the violence (albeit it’s robot on robot).  It’s no wonder then that every interview we participated in today with the director, actor, and writer, etc., participants took the opportunity to address those concerns. with the cast and crew.  Most of those interviewed had taken their children to see the film and felt it was appropriate for their children at their place in their development and all suggested that it’s up to parents to decide their own child’s readiness for such a film.

Director SHAWN LEVY sets up a shot on the set of REAL STEEL.

Director SHAWN LEVY sets up a shot on the set of REAL STEEL. (c) DreamWorks - used with permission

As I mentioned we interviewed director Shawn Levy.  He couldn’t have been a more personable fellow.  He entered the room and made us all feel at ease immediately. He has an infections nature and I felt him really drawing us all in with her personal stories of his four little girls, several whom are in the film, and their disappointment at Dad making a “boy movie.”  He happily reported that the girls no longer felt that way after a screening where they fell in love with the robots and the story.

Hugh Jackman also mentioned that this was the first film he’s allowed his children to see of his and that they were fascinated and on the edge of theirs seats. Jackman is the consummate gentleman greeting each of us personally and shaking each hand, being sure not to miss anyone. His tales of his childhood were fantastic and I’ll be sharing those with you soon.

Sugar Ray Leonard was another person who broke my stereotype of “talent.” He was gracious, funny, and had the most amazing skin. Sorry, he’s beautiful and his complexion is stunningly flawless. He also spoke about his kids and how they enjoyed the movie. It was fun to get an insight into his family.

There’s so much more but I just wanted to quickly let you know to plan to see the film if you’re looking for an action movie with heart. It’s not Rock-’em, Sock-’em Robots. It’s the story of a father and his son.  So is “Real Steel” a family movie?  It depends on the age of your kids and their readiness for the subject matter.  For some that may be 9, for others 13.

Real Steel” opens nationwide on October 7th, 2011.