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"Not all waters are created equal, some are enhanced by Nature."

Water is one of the essentials of life.  It’s necessary to keep every vital body organ  functioning and we’re made up of 75% water.  And it’s the highest volume ingredient in many of the beauty products we use like creams, washes, body sprays, etc., but rarely do we pay any attention to the water used in them.

Kio Kio specializes in products made from naturally filtered water from mountain ranges in a pristine valley in  New Zealand. The company claims “that this natural volcanic stone filtration process produces one of the highest levels (85mg/L.) of colloidal silica present in any natural spring water in the world. Research has shown that silica is beneficial for the skin as it helps to build collagen.” Super soft Kio Kio water is one of the softest, if not “the softest naturally occurring water in the world, with a hardness rating of just 12. This super soft-water in turn creates super soft skincare.”

Kio Kio combines this special water with certified organic ingredients and potent native botanical extracts for natural skincare products that are free from parabens, mineral oils, petrochemicals, artificial colors, DEA, PEG, silicones, TEA, SLS or harsh detergents.  And Kio Kio does not participate in any animal testing.

Do Kio Kio New Zealand Natural Bodycare Products Work?

Kio Kio Pacific Tiare & Ti Kauka Scented Products

But do Kio Kio body care products really feel significantly different?  I’d have to say yes.  The lotion goes on like a typical, light lotion, but within seconds, it converts and feels like I’m using water on my hands.  I’ve repeated the application many times and it feels the same , every time.  What that means that I get grease-free moisturizing and that’s perfect for my needs.  The softness left behind is noticeable and the scent is light and refreshing; definitely not a heavy perfumed or synthetic scent.

I’m also using the Kio Kio Body Wash and find the fragrance to be just as pleasant as the lotion.  I enjoy the light overall moisturizing it provides and yet I feel clean and fresh.  I love that the fragrance is not synthetic – that’s important to me.

Both the body wash and lotion are very nicely concentrated so only a tiny amount is needed for each use.  This makes them last for quite some time and although the price might scare off bargain hunters, the quality and small amount needed to get great results should win them over.

Kio Kio Fragrances & Native Botanical Scents available:

 Tarata Flower CITRUS PETAL & TARATA (yellow) Sweet, lemon scented leaves & flowers from the Tarate tree are used as potent scented healing oils.
 Ti Kauka Flower  PACIFIC TIARE & TI KAUKA (blue) Ti Kauka, traditionally used to heal the skin, is naturally cleansing & nurturing and was regarded by ancient people to promote good luck and fertility.
 Koromiko Flower  RAINFOREST & KOROMIKO (green) Koromiko which has been used in ritual ceremonies and for skin complaints, works to renew and smooth stressed skin.
 Puriri Flower  FRANGIPANI & PURIRI (pink) Traditionally used to treat sore throats, as well as common aches and pains, Puriri provides natural balance.

I received the Pacific Tiare and Ti Kauka (blue) set.  The scent reminds me of the beach – fresh and breezy.  I would imagine that I’d love the Citrus Petal and Tarata as well.  I love that there is a fragrance set for every taste.  There are also many more products in each scent than the two I tried, so you can take care of all of your bodycare needs in one line and one scent family.

I love the eco-friendly products, even the packaging is well thought out, and I feel good using and enjoying them.  And I can do guilt-free because they’re good for me and they’re  good for the environment – luxury without the pain of harming others – I love it!  Kio Kio New Zealand Bodycare is a great buy in my book.




Photo Credits:  Kio Kio New Zealand Bodycare