BikeGlow Safety Light for BicyclesBike riders are hard enough to see during the day, but here in Seattle when the winter days can be gray and dreary or even foggy, riders can disappear altogether.  Many riders have opted to wear bright yellow or orange vests or have added extra lights to improve their safety.  Now there’s another way to add to their visibility and more importantly, to their side profile which is less likely to have reflectors.

Lights are generally required by law here – a headlight and taillight, but they won’t stop a car who doesn’t see you as you pass by.  The BikeGlow Safety Light gives you that side profile visibility you’re missing.  This lightweight colored tubing is illuminated by two AA-batteries which are stored in a small battery pack just beneath your bike seat.  The tubing is wrapped around your bicycle frame and then secured in place with ties or tape (provided).  The newest version is waterproof so you’re set for drizzly days as well.

BikeGlow Safety LightThe BikeGlow Safety Light has several settings so you can pick what’s most appropriate – heavy traffic?  Put it on blink for the most visibility.   Quality AA-batteries should last for about 120 hours on blinking and 50 hours on steady, and since this is a safety item that could save you pain, injury  or even your life by avoiding a wreck, it’s worth it to use premium batteries.

So what does the fire fighter/EMT hubby say? “Adding more visibility is always a plus as long as the rider remembers to use all other safety features and of course wears a helmet and obeys all the rules of the road.  It’s better to be proactive and anticipate a driver’s move, rather than just sit back and rely on your safety equipment.  But it’s a great foundation for doing all you can to stay safe while you ride.

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The BikeGlow Safety Light is available from REI (both in stores and online) and select bike stores and retails for about $25.  It does not replace the need for reflectors and lights, but it augments them to make you more visible in low light, rainy, and foggy conditions. For a foggy area like Seattle, the brighter colors would be more visible during fog.  The blue and white would be less affective. I love that there are different colors not just for looks, but also for standard weather conditions.

The BikeGlow Safety Light would make a great gift for your cycling friend or child.  It would also be fabulous for outlining a pet or child trailer towed behind a bike as well as the tow bar between them. Installation takes just a few minutes and even children can operate the light.

BikeGlow - Yellow

BikeGlow - Yellow

BikeGlow Safety Light Details:

  • 10 ft. flexible light tube uses electroluminescent technology and features bright colors for increased visibility
  • Colors:  Red, Green, Blue, Aqua, Pink, Purple, Yellow, White
  • 3 light modes—choose between steady, slow flashing, and fast flashing modes
  • Light attaches by wrapping around frame tubing.  Secure it in place with included attachment ties; 3-1/2″ x 1-1/4″.  The power unit attaches to bike with included strap
  • Warranty – 1 year full warranty
  • Waterproof to 3m – sturdy construction for dependable use
  • Batteries are not included (runs on 2 AA batteries for an approximate 120 hours in flashing mode and 50 hours in steady mode)


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