Headchefs are kid-size kitchen tools that are safe and fun!

Headchefs are kid-size kitchen tools that are safe and fun!

Headchefs chidren's turner - perfect for serving or flipping

Headchefs chidren’s turner – perfect for serving or flipping

Cooking with my kids are some of the fondest memories I have as a mom.  So many hours of talking, laughing, and secretly teaching them about nutrition, portion sizes, measuring, and more all done through the art and fun of cooking.  My kids were given a vegetable brush and vegetables while still in a high chair – it distracted them so I could cook and it just another “toy” to them they could safely eat if they chose to having been prewashed by me. Twenty years later, one of my sons still loves to cook, while the other prefers a box of Mac and Cheese, but they both did their fair share of scrubbing, rinsing, draining and stirring.

Back when my kids were little there weren’t really any quality kid-sized baking items.  There were play toys that were sized for kids, but no “real” baking and cooking tools.  So they were forced to use the adult-sized utensils which both limited what they were able to do, weren’t as safe for them because they weren’t kid-safe, and meant that I didn’t have use of them during the much longer time it took them to use them.  Now there’s a fun company, Headchefs, that makes kid-safe and kid-sized cooking, eating, and baking utensils that are not only good looking but they’re fun so kids will want to join in and help with dinner.  And getting them to help with dinner will give you the opportunity to have those same special bonding moments like I had with my kids.

Serioulsy the cutest Kitchen Timer ever!  By Headchefs

Seriously the cutest Kitchen Timer ever! By Headchefs

Headchefs Tools are colorful and each has an age rating so you’ll be able to generally gauge if the tool is right for your child.  Headchefs has tools for kids as young as 3 (vegetable scrubbers) all the way up to ages 8+ (grater).  There are many tools that are ageless – like the timer.  It’s perfect for a 3-year old to use and I’ll be purchasing one for myself and I’m 50!

Headchefs Tools can be purchased as separate pieces or in sets and they have special recipe books perfect for their pans and bowls.  The bowls have great lips that can be held on to, to stabilize the bowls and wide bases to prevent spills.  There are plenty of tools, bowls, and kits to choose from to fit every kitchen and every budget.  Any of these would make great gifts and especially stocking stuffers! Yikes, did I just suggest Christmas shopping in October? Yes 🙂  Why?  Because right now you can save 20% on ANY Pizza Posse items through October 31, 2011 when you shop at HeadChefs.com. Just remember to use PIZZAPOSSEFUN at check out for your discount.  Other restrictions may apply – please see the website for full details.


Headchefs Child-sized baking, cooking, and servicewear utensils


Win a Headchefs Picolo Pizza Posse Set!

The fabulous people at Headchefs is sending one of you  a Headchefs Picolo Pizza Posse Set!

You’ll receive:

  • Child Sized Pizza Pan ($9.99)  – 8″ personal pizza size, silicone and metal, recommended for ages 3 and above
  • Child Sized Pizza Wheel ($9.99) Rocco is made with an ABS cutting edge but don’t worry, it keeps small hands and fingers safe while making quick work cutting up your pizza pie
  • Child’s Peace of Pizza Adventure Cookbook ($14.99)  One of several cookbook/storybooks which feature the Headchefs characters in their zany adventures.  Each book includes an imaginative story, colorful illustrations, and  fun and delicious recipes.
  • *Plus a surprise Bonus Head Chefs DVD

ARV $34.99

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