Anthony Bitar - Self-title Album Releases 9/13/11

Antony Bitar - Singer/Songwriter - used with permission

I remember back when my kids were just discovering pop music and leaving their kiddie music behind. It’s a hard age to find appropriate music since most adult music has overtly sexual themes. So it’s nice to find a singer/songwriter that’s written a sweet and simple song that talks about a crush and the first moments of a relationship in a wholesome and kind way without being sappy.

Antony Bitar‘s first single “Butterflies,” captures the nervous/excited feeling of  first falling in love. His positive lyrics capture the moment beautifully and the words are  accompanied by a lively melody with a feel-good pop sound, that lets you know all is going to end well.

“It’s the tingly feeling in your fingers and your toes.
You’re trying really hard not to let it show.
Her beauty’s overwhelming but you don’t want her to know.”

But how’s the rest of his new, self-titled album? Pretty fabulous.  “Fly Alone” is a sad and sweet song with orchestral backing that makes it feel rich.  “New Found Good” is a nice mid-tempo song with a great hook and happy and bright background vocals. “Youthful Innocence” may by my new anthem and it fits my post 9-11 melancholy mood perfectly, but the next tract, “Today” picked me right back up.  LOVE!

In fact, the whole album is diverse and that’s one of the things I like about it.  Great songs, great music, and sweet messages.

Antony Bitar – Butterflies (Official Music Video)

Antony Bitar - Singer/Songwriter

Antony Bitar - Singer/Songwriter - used with permission

So who is this sweet-looking kid with the update piano-driven melody?  Antony Bitar is a signer/songwriter and opera scholar who walked away to do his own thing.  His self-titled album is a combination of laid-back and cool tracks that feel good.  You can’t help but smile at the lyrics, because like most people, you’ve probably lived them.

Bitar grew up surrounded by music and is a self-taught pianist and it became his outlet and refuge after his grandfather died. “In a matter of minutes of sitting in front of the keys, I completed my first song,” he said. It was then that he discovered his gift of songwriting.

While Bitar studied and performed opera, he discovered it wasn’t his calling.  “I felt this void of merely singing onstage,” he said. “I never felt more fulfilled or at home than when I was behind that piano, writing that song for my grandfather.”  So after graduation he moved back to songwriting and completely closed the door on opera.

In September 2010, Bitar set out to write and record his self-titled debut album.  “From the second my fingers touch the piano, emotion pour out and translate through the whole song,” said Bitar. “When the lyrics come out, I become those words and live them out right onstage.”

Bitar also wrote the new single, “On Display,” performed by Melissa Gorga, the newest housewife of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, and it will appear in the current season on Bravo TV.

Antony Bitar’s self-titled debut album was recorded at The Cutting Room studio in New York City, and includes Saturday Night Live drummer Shawn Pelton, Thad Debrock on guitar, and Eshy Gazit on bass. It will be released on September 13, 2011.


My apologies to Antony for misspelling his first and last name repeatedly.  I was just so excited about sharing his music I hot publish without check.

NOTE: I received the complete album download to facilitate in writing this review. All opinions are my own.