463px-Stupid_internetWeb hosting companies can make or break your business.  By their stupid decisions, they can take a great and thriving e-commerce site and put it on its knees.  They can take a business and ruin its reputation with one simple page in place of your website that says, “Suspended.”  They can be punitive, childish, and wrong.

Web Host salespeople are now to me ranked among the most infamous used car salesman and aluminum siding hawkers.  They promise the moon, pat you on the head and tell you your troubles are over, that they’d never be as callous and thoughtless as the host you’re running from, and promise everything short of their first born….and then they disappear.  Even the promises which you were so smart to get in writing are written off by the company as not being enforceable.  Quite frankly, they don’t stand behind their product or their word, because apparently they don’t have to.

In an age where joblessness reigns supreme, you’d think you could find quality workers here in the US.  But alas, most of the tech support obviously used English as a second language and would neither confirm nor deny they weren’t a world away.  I suspect my suspicions are correct and they were.  Now I have two issues with that – jobs overseas when so many are out of work here and the simple fact they can’t understand what it is I want or need.  Great help no matter where it’s from is appreciated.  Crappy help with the added frustration of a language barrier is not.

So here we are. After 3 days the site is finally back up and you can’t imagine the traffic I’ve lost.  The momentum and desire to work hard is waning knowing that my future is dependent on the whims of people who refuse to talk in technical language I can understand.  If I knew what all of that stuff was I’d be hosting my own site now, wouldn’t I.  Isn’t the fact that I’m paying good enough for you to make it work?

So, wish me luck.  It’s up, it’s working (sort of), and I’m so over the drama of hosting companies.