I know it’s not life or death. That there are horrific things going on in the world and that I’m disappointed is silly.  But I’m disappointed in believing again….. in trusting people to do what they say they’ll do.  And I feel stupid when they don’t.  Like they got something over on me.  This time it was a 3-day blog outage.  Because they didn’t follow through and contact me.  And I suffered.

Disappointment Disappointment Disappointment
dissapointment Disappointment Disappointment
Disappointment Disappointment Disappointment

I love the quote, “Disappointment = expectation divided by reality”.  It’s so true.  I always have high expectations and them I’m slammed when it turns out to not be the way it was sold to me.   I’m just tired of reality slapping me in the face.  So to humor myself, I pinned these quotes about disappointment on my Pinterest page so I could share them here with you. Click on any one of them to visit the site and follow the link to the quote’s originator.And please, if you are a business and you make promises, keep them. K?

Here’s hoping tomorrow I feel like posting quotes about “hope” or “joy” instead.  If not, maybe I’ll just post pictures of cupcakes.  That makes me smile 🙂