We’ve been working on our main bathroom remodel for almost a year.  My husband works two jobs so he has very little time to work on it and I’m not allowed to use power tools without direct supervision – too many chances for me to hurt myself!  All we have left to do is a threshold in between the bathroom and hallway and some decor.  This stage of the project should be the easy part, but for the better half of 6 months I’ve been frozen, not sure which direction to go, and not sure if we needed to do more work to the existing vanity.

Yesterday I got the assignment to visit my local Target store and pick up the Ladies’ Home Journal magazine and from its pages of inspiration, pick something to recreate at home.  I could have chosen to make cake pops or the most divine looking blueberry cheesecake, or I could have purchased Kristen Chenoweth‘s new CD (which they were out of stock on, or I would be listening to it while I write this – I adore her).  I also could have chosen books by Jane Fonda on being older (obviously I could relate to that), or a book about growing up gay by  Jane Lynch whom I’ve adored since “Best in Show.”

Ugly Pink Bathroom Update - Before and After

Here’s the story that inspired me – you can read it online and see the before and after pictures – photo credit: LHJ.com

But what stopped me in my tracks was the story of a ridiculously ugly pink bathroom made over into a spa-like oasis.  I decided it was now or never so I passed the Halloween candy already out for sale, the nearly empty back-to-school shelves, and I ALMOST made it past the 30% off outdoor fixtures but stopped and bought three solar lights to make the backyard more manageable on nighttime dog breaks.

I headed to the now familiar bathroom aisle – I’ve been there many times.  Months and months ago I picked up the new vanity pulls there as well as the white fabric shower curtain and curved double curtain rod.  It’s been up in the bathroom for months, and while I’m still happy the ugly shower doors are gone, I wish now we’d gone with a single curved rod or a straight rod.  Our room is only about 3′ wide where the bathtub is, and the shower curtain creeps out into the open space.

The first thing I looked at were bath mats.  Our dogs think bath mats are soft and cushy potty pads, gross, sorry about the TMI, but they’re the reason we replaced all of the carpets in our house with hard surfaces.  Still, no one likes to get out and stand on the floor, cute tile or not, so I picked up a wooden bath mat.  I figured it’d confuse the girls and maybe they’d leave it alone.  Plus it gives the room one more texture.

Shabby Chic Shower Curtain and Hangers - LOVE!

Shabby Chic Shower Curtain and Hangers – LOVE!

Then I picked up an outer shower curtain from the Simply Shabby Chic line.  I loved the pale gray with white roses, and I loved the matching ceramic soft gray rose shower curtain hangers.  Yes, the two combined were nearly $50 and a splurge for sure, but since this is a guest bathroom they should last for years and darn it, they’re gorgeous!

I finish by picking out some accessories in silver (the on-sale gray ones went back on the shelf), and I added some fluffy gray towels. Total cost for my shopping spree?  $175!  Yikes.  Ok, about $20 of it was junk food – NEVER GO TO THE STORE HUNGRY because it will cost you money! But the rest was for the bathroom and the three inexpensive yard lights ($10 total).  The wooden bath mat was $20, and I purchased one for the master bath as well.

Bathroom remodel - before and during

Bathroom Update – Before and During

I spent the evening hanging out with my mom, sister, and brother-in-law so I didn’t get home until 11 pm.  I figured I’d put together the room in the morning….but after 5 minutes of unpacking all my goodies, I decided to go for it.

The candle in the jar was from my niece’s wedding last weekend; I added the inspiration magazine, the cover of which looks fabulous with my design and I love Ann Curry.  I can’t wait to take a bubble bath and finish the issue.

The prints are from Ikea – I purchased them on clearance months ago for about $3 each.  I love how they make the vanity look like it’s there on purpose.  It’s still there because we couldn’t decide whether to rip out the vanity and counter and replace it or just paint it.  For now, we’re OK with it the way it is.

I still need to buy/make a window covering (I’m thinking a simple white Roman Shade) and lengthen the Simply Shabby Chic curtain or swap the two curtains  – the Simply Shabby Chic one is significantly shorter than the white fabric one, and it looks a little silly that short.  For now, I have them both tucked into the tub.

Just 2-3 things left and our bathroom update will be complete

Just 2-3 things left, and our bathroom update will be complete

So, it took us almost a year because of indecision, but the new floor is installed, the shower door was taken down, we repainted the vanity and added new hardware, installed crown molding, painted the walls, and added decor.

We love it – what do you think?  Have you been inspired to do and/or finish a project because of something you’ve seen in a magazine?  Do you have a favorite magazine like Ladies’ Home Journal that gets you inspired?

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Now, on to the master bedroom!