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I love yogurt and when I became a vegetarian I had to give it up. I missed it and it was probably the one non-vegetarian food that tempted me. Luckily a few years ago a few brands came on the market that were made with pectin instead of gelatin, and after much trial and error I found a vegetarian-friendly yogurt that I loved. Still, I’m always up for trying new things so when I was offered the chance to try Dannon® Oikos® Greek Yogurt I immediately said yes!

First what is Greek yogurt and how is it different from what we know as traditional yogurt?  Authentic Greek yogurt is made by straining the whey from the yogurt which leaves behind a very thick and creamy yogurt.  In the past, I’ve made my own by straining traditional yogurt through cheesecloth overnight in the refrigerator – what a mess.  Thankfully Greek Yogurt has caught on and can be found in many different brands and flavors.  It can be used in recipes to add moisture without adding additional fat.

Dannon® Greek Yogurt

Thick and creamy, this Dannon® Greek Yogurt makes a tasty treat!

Stonyfield sells the same recipe in an organic version so I think I’ll be looking for it in my local store or on my next trip to Whole Foods.  For me personally organic milk is a must, but for those who don’t have a preference, the Dannon® is just a bit sweeter than its organic counterpart. I loved the vanilla and added blueberries fresh from the garden – yum!  The strawberry fruit-on-the-bottom was great as well, not too overly sweet, and I made it a meal by adding sliced bananas

Dannon® Oikos® Plain and Fruit on the Bottom contains 0% fat, while the Dannon® Oikos® traditional blended varieties contains about 3% fat. Both are an excellent source of protein, twice that of most regular lowfat yogurts.  Dannon® Oikos® 0% varieties contain active yogurt cultures and range from 80 calories (Plain) to 130 calories (Fruit on the Bottom) per 5.3 oz. cup.  They’re the perfect size for a snack or as part of a healthy breakfast.

I’ve tried other popular Greek yogurts and didn’t like them.  It’s nice to find one that I enjoy, that can be found in organic, and that comes in a convenient size.

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