Real Steel VS The Muppets Movie - total world domination is up for grabs!

Disney and DreamWorks have invited 22 bloggers  to LA next month.  The purpose is to give us an opportunity to gather as much information from the cast and crew of two upcoming movies and then bring it home to share it with you.

What kind of coverage can you expect?  I’ll be bringing you the details from our round table interviews with Hugh Jackman, Boxing Consultant Sugar Ray Leonard, Actor Anthony Mackie and Director Shawn Levy from DreamWorks’ futuristic boxing movie,Real Steel“.   I’ll also have the opportunity for another set of round table interviews with Jason Segel, Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy from Disney’s “Muppets Movies”.  This is my opportunity to find out more about the films, the details behind casting, music, and more and share them with you.

Who should you follow for all the latest “Muppets Movie” and “Real Steel” info? Well that’s easy, here are the bloggers who’ll have great coverage for you from the Disney/DreamWorks Press Event:

Can’t wait for us to bring it back to you?  You can connect online with both movies now:

DreamWorks Pictures’ “REAL STEEL”

Release date 10/7/11

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  • Official  DreamWorks “Real Steel” Website – The Steel Gets Real is an online destination.  Start with the movie preview then check out the free “Real Steel” wallpapers, icons, and screensaver
  • Join the WRB – Join the World Robot Boxing League – build a robot, train it, and then see how it does in the ring.

Disney’s “THE MUPPETS”

Release date 11/23/11