Did you ever have one of those weeks?  I’ve had two. I had this really simple assignment to complete.  Shop at Sam’s Club for the new Ore-Ida Sweet Potato Fries by Heinz and eat them.  Simple, huh!

Well, first I had to buy a new camera so I wouldn’t look like a goober with my big Cannon in the store.  I bought a small and very cheap digital from Office Depot. Camera $39; Memory Card $20; Batteries $10….so off I go to Sam’s with my super secret spy cam (sorta) and I do my shop.  I take my photos, fill my cart with goodies, check out, drive home, upload the photos and……there are only two on the card.  Ack! I don’t know if it’s the card, the computer, or the camera?

My #OreIdaFries shopping mission for Heinz with #CollectiveBias – I went for a bag of Ore-Ida Sweet Potato Fries by Heinz – came home with $300 worth of goodies! This project has been compensated as part…

Aug 30, 2011 Sam’s Club, Renton

It was even more frustrating because we were packing to leave town, my main laptop was broken and a new one ordered (2 weeks to deliver), and a deadline looming.  So I begged for mercy explaining all of the weird and rare circumstances and was granted it.  So today, take 2.  This time I threw caution to the wind and took the Cannon.  People stared, but no one asked me what I was up to.  I piled my cart even higher than the last trip and headed for checkout.  This time I had the worst experience.  The checker was surly and acted like I was taking up his time….I hurried through, complained to a manager, and edited him out of the photo.  Ironically, the manager said she’d noticed his demeanor earlier but hadn’t said anything but she assured me she’d take care of it now.  Uh, thanks. But could you wait until I’m out of the store!

So I get home, upload the photos without trouble, edit them to add my watermark and my laptop overheats and shuts down (one of the reasons I’m replacing it).  Two ice packs and a few minutes later I’m back in business only to find that the program I want to use to share them with you refuses to recognize that I’ve rotated them. It then refuses to connect to my Flickr account; nor can it see the photos on my Facebook account.

Now I have the photos in three places but NOT where I need them so after about an two hours of trying, I give up and use a different program (you can see My #OreIdaFries shopping mission for Heinz with #CollectiveBias photoblog here).  Oh, and did I mention that my loving husband stepped on my HP Mini Netbook on Saturday while packing the van and I didn’t discover it until I tried to download email when we reached our destination.  Three days of no internet was great for the soul, but boy was my in box exploded when I returned.  It’ll take days to catch up.

So…..how are the fries?   We’ll be having them for dinner.  How am I going to cook them?  As Sweet Potato Frites!

My Ore-Ida Sweet Potato Fries Recipe

Sweet Potato Frites with Garlic and Sea Salt

  • 4 servings of Ore-Ida Sweet Potato Fries
  • 1-1/2 T Olive Oil
  • Coarse sea salt
  • 3 T Parmesan cheese (grated)
  • 2 T fresh parsley, chopped (or substitute dried if you need to)
  • 1 clove garlic, minced

Arrange the fries in a single layer on a large rimmed baking sheet.  Toss with olive oil and sprinkle with salt.  Cook as package directs; turning half way through the cooking.

While the fries are cooking, mix the Parmesan, parsley, and garlic in a small dish and set aside. When the fries are warmed through and browned, remove them from the oven and sprinkle them with the Parmesan mixture; toss gently to coat. Season to taste and serve immediately.

Serves 4 as a side dish.

Yikes! My $8 fries ended up being a $299 trip to Sam's Club

I’ll be sharing more of my Sam’s Club buys over the next few weeks. I’m rediscovering how I can bulk purchase for a family of two and do it well and without spoilage.  I’m also working on some organization projects and setting up the guest room (today new pillows and sheets from Sam’s Club) to ready it for the youngest son’s girlfriend who pet sits for us.  It’s time to spruce it up and make it a more welcoming place.  Right now it’s my son’s old bedroom with posters plastered on the walls and black doors and molding .  Ah, those were the days.

Until then, enjoy some new Sweet Potato fries and let me know what you think!


Note:  This project has been compensated as part of a #OreIdaFries shopping mission for Heinz with #CollectiveBias