Tackling the Past Movie ReviewIt’s about football.  It’s about family.  It’s about finding yourself.  “Game Time: Tackling the Past” is the newest Family Movie Night show that premiers on 9/3/11 at 8pm ET/7pm CT.

It’s the story of pro football star Jake Walker, off living his dream.  He’s a fan favorite and veteran tight end who’s on the way to setting a record that will guarantee him a place in the Hall of Fame.  But his knee is injured and his speed is slowing. Then his father, his High School football coach, has a heart attack.

This leads Jake home, to a place he’s avoided for 15 years.  While he rethinks his future, he reconnects with his family and a girl from his past.  Just when it looks like Jake has decided to start a new life in his old home town, his agent calls with news that could change everything leaving Jake to decide between money and fame and family.

This is a football movie that’s more about positive role models.  When Jake helps coach his father’s football team he teams with the cheer leader’s coach to put the guys through some “Glee”-esque drills by learning to dance.  He donates a new gym and hashes out old wounds with his family.  It’s a sweet little movie about doing the right thing and taking your true path

What it isn’t is a lot of screaming coaches belittling players….and that’s fabulous. Is it a realistic look at football?  Sadly no, but if enough people start to look at the way kids are coached and make changes, perhaps it can be.  I for one would love it.

Sadly there are a few product placements that are a little too obvious.  I understand why they’re there, I just wish they’d be a little more subtle about it.


Jake Walkerm
Ryan McPartlin
 Frank Walker
Beau Bridges
 Anna Walker
Catherine Hicks
Dean Walker
Josh Braaten
Karen Walker
Lisa Varga
Sarah Tate
Katie Carr
Maxwell Perry Cotton
Game Time: Tackling the Past” is on Saturday, September 3 on NBC at 8pm ET/7pm CT.


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