dremel2Dremel brand is hosting a Twitter chat on Thursday, August 25 at 8 pm CST, to talk about the top DIY projects American’s are doing this year.  You’ll get a chance to chat with Dremel experts including Chip Wade (you’ve seen him on HGTV’s Curb Appeal: The Block and Designed to Sell) and ask your own question about DIY and home repair.

Join the conversation by following @Dremel and the #DremelDIY hashtag and watch for giveaways to be shared by other bloggers like myself! Also check out the sneak preview of America’s To-Do List with Chip Wade!

If you’re not sure what a Dremel brand tool is, then you’re NOT one of the millions of crafters, pet owners, and homeowners who already own one.  We have and use the pet nail Dremel as well as the standard rotary and I can’t imagine doing a job without it.  We use our rotary tool for just about every home improvement project we do.  Most recently it was put to work in our bathroom tile and crown molding project.  It made fitting the tile easier around objects and shaping the molding to fit around light fixtures and other places a custom fit was necessary.

That’s how we use our Dremel tools, but the company wanted to find out what America’s top projects are and what motivated homeowners like us to go the DIY route.  For us it’s easy.  We’re retiring soon in our “starter home” so keeping up our 1970’s tract home and working to make it more appealing to a future buyer is our goal.  But what are other people thinking?  Five hundred homeowners were surveyed and here’s what other homeowners are thinking and doing:

  • More than two-thirds of American homeowners (67 percent) plan to tackle a home improvement project in 2011
  • A whopping 78 percent plan to roll up their sleeves and do-it-themselves this year by utilizing household members to complete their 2011 to-dos
  • The No. 1 room homeowners would most like to update is the kitchen; however the bathroom tops the list as the No. 1 home area consumers actually plan to renovate this year (36 percent)
  • Almost half of respondents shared that they take on projects primarily to improve the value of their homes (45 percent) and one third desired to change or freshen up their décor (30 percent)
  • The No. 1 reason consumers select specific DIY projects is a tie between replacing worn out materials (48 percent) and cleaning or freshening the home
  • It’s no surprise that men and women choose projects based on different criteria, with survey results showing women are more likely to select projects that organize clutter (24 percent) while men would prefer to focus on fixing broken items (14 percent)

*According to a recent Zoomerang survey of 500 American homeowners conducted by Dremel.

About Dremel

Since inventing the high-speed rotary tool more than 75 years ago, Dremel® has become the trusted name in high-speed rotary tool technology, providing creative solutions for hands-on professionals, homeowners, craftspeople and artists alike. The Dremel® brand’s leadership in design and manufacturing has made it the top selling rotary tool in the world, a reflection of the company’s commitment to innovation and quality. Today, as a wholly owned subsidiary of the Robert Bosch Tool Corporation in Mount Prospect, Ill., Dremel® continues to build upon this legacy with a full line of high-performance rotary tools and rotary tool attachments and accessories, specialty tools and an oscillating tool and oscillating accessories, delivering the perfect solution for almost any job. Regardless of what the task may be, users quickly realize they can depend on the Dremel® brand to provide the satisfaction of a job well done.

Photo Credit:  Dremel® – used with permission