Lucille Roberts Gym - photo credit

Lucille Roberts Gym - photo credit

Do you have a particular time of day that you prefer to workout? Before breakfast, late afternoon, or maybe in the evening after dinner? Because of my schedule, I’m usually at the gym right before lunch time which works out perfectly for me. The timing between my last meal and my next turns out to be an optimal time for a high energy routine.  This week my trainer discussed “eating for exercise” with me and I’d love to share some of the tips I learned. When you plan your meals correctly, you’ll be able to get the best results at the gym.

  • If you work out first thing in the morning you should eat something easily digestible 20-30 minutes before exercising. Lucille Roberts recommends eating a fruit, a serving of yogurt or a high protein shake to get you started.
  • If you are working out later in the day you should have carbohydrate-rich foods at least an hour before working out. Suggested foods are: whole wheat breads or crackers, oatmeal, fruit or an energy bar. These carbs will be stored in your muscles at glycogen which according to Wikipedia is a “molecule that serves as the secondary long-term energy storage in animal and fungal cells”, allowing your body to store fuel to use during your workout.
  • Try not to consume simple carbohydrates before you workout such as honey, candy or sugary drinks. These foods will not provide you with the energy you need to get you through an entire workout.
  • Avoid any foods that contain a lot of fat because they are slow to digest and will only slow you down, making you feel sluggish mid-workout. Stay away from fast foods, hot dogs, cookies, cake, ice cream, fries, chips and candy bars because they are all high in fat and will remain in the stomach for a long time.

At least one hour before your workout: EAT COMPLEX CARBS

Immediately after your workout: EAT MORE COMPLEX CARBS WITH PROTEIN

Do you have any post-workout, high protein recipes you’d like to share?

For more fitness and health tips or to find a Lucille Roberts location nearest to you, please visit their official blog: Lucille Roberts Fitness Blog

These tips, along with others, were provided to me as part of the  Lucille Roberts LiveRite Weight Loss Coaching Program. Currently, I am not following their recommended diet, but I am using it as a guideline along with the exercise and healthy eating tips they teach within the program.


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