Bob Evan's Down-home Special Breakfast recipe

Bob Evan’s Down-home Special Breakfast recipe

Got kids headed back to school?  For most parents it’s a time to look forward to, but there’s also the dread of being back on a strict routine with less time for everyday tasks, especially making dinner. Schedules get jammed packed with school and activities and one of the first things to go is time to prepare tasty, delicious, and nutritious meals.  But it doesn’t have to be that way.  You don’t have to resign yourself to daily trips to the drive-through.  You can make quick and convenient meals your kids will eat and you can be proud to serve.  With recipe help from Bob Evans Farms, dinner doesn’t have to be a nutritional disaster.

I got the chance to ask for some dinnertime help for myself from Chef Eisel for Bob Evans Farms.  David Eisel  is a life-long cook who made it his career by receiving his degree and certification from the American Culinary Federation.   He is currently the Executive Development Chef at Bob Evans Farms where he works to create recipes that deliver on the promise of farm fresh goodness.

Here’s Chef Eisel’s recommendation on how I can streamline dinner and make it delicious, nutritious, and satisfying for both my husband and myself:

I’ve got to say the Chef is right.  I don’t often think about having breakfast for dinner, mostly because I usually have something quick like yogurt for breakfast, so I don’t make omelets and other breakfast items very often.  An omelet for dinner sounds perfect and is the thing I tend to order when I eat out because I love them!

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If you’d like some ideas and recipes for your family, check out the Bob Evans Farms site:

You can also purchase grocery items from Bob Evans Farms and each is guaranteed with their Farm-Fresh Goodness Pledge so you can be assured of every item/ingredients quality.
Hopefully you’ll have a moment before things get too crazy to bookmark or print some recipes so you can look forward to some great meals and some important family time every night together.
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