Alex & Dad: First time at the beach - 1989

Alex & Dad: First time at the beach – 1989

This was so long ago, but I remember this day so well.  We were at a small beach by a lighthouse here in Washington.  It was Alex’s first time in the sand and when we took his shoes off he loved the feeling of the cool, wet sand between his toes.  Shortly after this photo he plopped himself down and started exploring the sand with his hands which resulted in some tasting.  He wasn’t a fan of sand flavor.

This little sweetheart is 23 now (here’s a current photo of him: Photo of the Day: First Time at Yellowstone National Park) .  People tell you when you have babies that time goes too fast and at the time you won’t believe them, and you hope for the next step, the next milestone to come.  Potty training, school, etc.  But they really do go much, too much, quickly.  I can’t believe that it’s over, that I have adults as children.  I’d give anything to go back to this beautiful moment in the sun, just for a little while.

Enjoy every precious moment you have with your children.  I promise you, it does go too quickly.