Paige Davis as Roxy Hart in Chicago on Broadway 2004

Paige Davis as Roxy Hart in “Chicago” on Broadway 2004

My mom LOVES Paige Davis.  Paige is probably best known as the plucky host of TLC”s “Trading Spaces“.  “Trading Spaces” was one of the first home decorating shows and it was wildly popular and much of that was thanks to Paige.  She was funny, self-effacing, and sweet and she gave some of the ridiculous designers a run for their money when they insisted on ruining someone’s home with their ridiculous design.

My mom went with my son, niece, and myself to New York City to celebrate his High School graduation.  We saw a lot of shows that week – 2 to 3 a day – and Paige in “Chicago” was one of the highlights.  Paige was fantastic!  Yes, she’s a triple threat – she sings, she dances, and she acts!

After the show we hung out and the stage door and out popped Paige, freshly scrubbed skin, lip gloss, and mascara and she was stunning.  Her adorable freckles shown through as did her kindness.  She greeted my mother warmly, took the picture with her, and spent a moment chatting with her about the TLC show before having to move on to another fan.  It’s one of mom’s best memories.

Thanks Paige for making my mom’s day, it’s been 7 years and she still tells people she met you. 🙂

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