Acrobat X Pro FeaturesAdobe Acrobat is a versatile file format that allows anyone to share files without having compatible software issues.  Most people have received or opened a PDF file, but fewer have created one.  Sure, Adobe has been integrated in some of the most popular software out there – MS Word, MS Excel, etc., but sometimes you need more power than those program add-ons can do and that’s when you need the full Acrobat X Pro.

Acrobat X Pro / Create PDF Portfolios

The single best reason to upgrade to Acrobat X Pro is the ability to combine several different file formats into one PDF file and combine PDF files.  This is perfect for an online portfolio, media kit, or catalog.  Any document that combines  Word, Excel, Photoshop, etc., files.  It can also be used for smaller needs like making a document wit several files instead of attaching multiple files.  The new file you create can be dynamic meaning the links can be active, videos can be played, and animation can be started all inside the PDF file.  But because it’s a PDF, anyone can open and view it wit the free Adobe Reader® software without worrying about compatibility issues.

Acrobat X Pro / Convert to PDF

Acrobat X Pro adds a one-click button to convert your file to PDF  for Microsoft Office applications.  You’ll have the ability to instantly convert files right in your MS Word, Excel, Access, Outlook, PowerPoint, Project, Publisher, and Visio programs.  Plus, you can scan to PDF and then use  Acrobat X Pro’s built-in optical character recognition (OCR) feature to convert the file automatically an editable PDF file. You can also create a PDF file from any application you can print from and capture any web page content from Firefox or Windows to share, archive, etc.  The new PDF file will work exactly like the original HTML file.  And probably my favorite feature, you can convert email messages and folders to a PDF file in Outlook.  It’s a great organization tool that makes finding and archiving emails easier.

Acrobat X Pro / Edit PDF files

And I saved the best for last….finally, you can edit PDF files!  It’s so frustrating to get a file that can’t be typed into or needs to be updated but you don’t have the original file.  Correct simple things like a date or spelling error or add/delete paragraphs.  You can also change, resize, crop or even move photos within the file using the editing tools that come with it so no wasted time using a standalone graphic editing program.  And you can combined files including HTML files into one files and send it out as a portfolio or review copy to be shared.

So, if you need more power, upgrade to the program that can do it all for you.