Gossip Girl Season 4 on DVD

It’s been 30-odd years since I was in High School, but I’m dragged right back there every time I watch an episode of “Gossip Girl”.  Sure, our high school wasn’t full of Manhattan’s Elite, and we certainly didn’t wear designer clothes, nor summer in Paris, but we did have love triangles.  And oh the drama a love triangle can cause!

Season four of “Gossip Girl” is packed with 22 episodes which includes tons of hookups and melt downs.  It’s also full of lies and betrayals.  “Gossip GIrl” is over the top in fashion and drama. It’s not very realistic, but that’s ok, it makes it kinda fun.  Everything seems to be magnified 10x so the meltdowns are huge and the romances over the top.

One such romance is “Chair” the moniker for Chuck & Blair, the most popular couple in the series.  But like any good TV romance, they spend as much time breaking up and making up as they do being together.  But Blair’s eye has been roving and there’s the new possibility of “Dair” – Dan and Blair.  But there’s a hitch, Dan is the ex of Blair’s friend.

So, if the question was “Dair” or “Chair” which would I root for?  Neither.  No relationship should be as hard as Chuck and Blair’s and there’s never a good reason to date a friend’s Ex.  So my recommendation to Blair is to get yourself single, find yourself, and then look for a mate.  But this is TV, so I’m guessing Chuck and Dan will start dating and leave Blair alone.

So much relationship drama unfolds in the fourth season, available for pre-order on DVD.

So what do you think? “Dair”, “Chair” or Chud?”


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