Adobe is the standard for file sharing.  Their wildly popular Adobe Acrobat program is integrated into so many popular software computer programs like MS Word, MS Excel, and Adobe Photoshop, that it makes it a convenient file format to share with others.  Plus the Adobe Acrobat Reader is free so your recipient can view any PDF file without incurring any additional software charges.

But sometimes you need to share a file in its original format.  Sending large Photoshop files through email is difficult.  They generally require zipping the file and unzipping it at the recipient’s location.  But even compressed, the file size is generally too large for most email servers.  Email providers limit the size of attachments as a hedge against virus files, but they also trap innocent files as well.

Online File Sharing and Adobe Send Now

Adobe Send Now ends so many file sharing problems.  Not only does it let you send large files, it lets you track the file, add multiple attachments, and it’s easy to use.  Just upload your file and Adobe stores the file securely, notifies your recipient it’s available, and then lets you know that the file has been picked up.  Plus you can designate how long the person has access to the file.  All of this can be monitored from your online dashboard.  No more wondering if someone received the file, or if they able to open it, and more importantly, they’ll be able to read it without buying software that’s compatible.

Adobe Send Now Screen Shot

Adobe Send Now Screen Shot

There are three plans available:

  • Free – Send a file up to Max File Size of 100MB; Max File Storage 500MB
  • Basic – Currently $9.99 a month Max File Size of  2GB; Max File Storage 5GB
  • Plus – Currently $15.83 a month Max File Size of 2GB 4X the storage of Basic; Max File Storage 20GB (Billed annually at $190/year)

Adobe allows you to brand your email and download pages so people will know that they’re in the right spot and that the downloads are legitimate.  It’s a great way to grow your brand recognition.  Plus you can check on files from your iPhone or Android ™ mobile device.

Adobe continues to provide quality services and I’ll be sharing more of their newer services tomorrow.