Coco Chanel Quotes
Coco Chanel lived an interesting life and I think most people, like me, thought she led a charmed life.  But she didn’t.  She made her life.  Her signature colors, black and white, where an homage to the nuns in the orphanage where she grew up.  She was a survivor, too. She survived abandonment, poverty, and the loss of the love of her life in a car accident.

She was a seamstress who defined fashion and she’s probably shaped the world of fashion more than any other woman.  She did live a charmed life in the end, the one she built.   While I’m certainly no slave to fashion and I have no desire to own designer clothing, I can’t help but admire Coco as the self-made woman that she was.   This quote says a lot about the woman Coco became and it’s something I will try to emulate in my own life.  To leave people with a positive impression and experience when they spend time with me.

That’s my plan.  🙂

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