My favorite Fire Fighter

My favorite Fire Fighter

Steve's Graduation from the Fire Academy - 1980

The lovely man in the middle is mine. He’s been a fire fighter for over 30 years but they never stop learning. This was taken at the Fire Academy not too long ago where the engine crew went to learn new tricks and practice old ones. He may be an old dog, but he’s still learning!

I happened to visit the hubby at the station today – we had to sign some papers with a notary and since he’s on a 48-hour shift, the station was the best place to meet.  It amazed me once again to see him at work.  He’s calm, confident, and yes, he looks great in his uniform – still!  I don’t get there very often any more.  When the kids were little we’d go to visit and have dinner, but now it’s just the two of us and they’re less staffed than they used to be, so they have very little down time.  I miss those days of chatting with the other Fire Fighters and their wives.  We’re much more isolated now than we were.

It’s amazing to have been on this journey with my husband.  I was by his side when he graduated from the Fire Academy in 1980, just a young 22-year old, and the newbie and we were newly dating.  Now here we are, the old folks in the department, married 28 years in October and looking at retirement in the next few years.

It’s been a wonderful ride – thanks honey.

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