Jordan Lloyd Big Brother 11 winner and Amazing Race Contestant

Jordan Lloyd Big Brother 11 winner, and Amazing Race & BB13 Contestant

I adore Jordan Lloyd and in celebration of her escaping the block again this week, I’m putting up another photo of her that I took at the Real Player Event in 2009 just after she won her season of Big Brother! She’s just adorable in person and a joy to chat with.  She makes Big Brother 11 fun and I love seeing what silly thing she’s going to say today.  She’s been down the last few days but I’m hoping her spirit returns and the goofy Jordan comes back.  But it’s kinda fun seeing her spicy side as well!

Am I the only Big Brother 11 feed watcher? Yes, I admit it, I listen to the feeds every summer while I work.  They keep me company. And I enjoyed Jordan on season 9 of BB and The Amazing Race.

Go Jordan!

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