Day: August 7, 2011

Photo of the Day: America’s Sweetheart Jordan Lloyd of Big Brother 11 and 13

I adore Jordan Lloyd and in celebration of her escaping the block again this week, I’m putting up another photo of her that I took at the Real Player Event in 2009 just after she won her season of Big Brother! She’s just adorable in person and a joy to chat with.  She makes Big Brother 11 fun and I love seeing what silly thing she’s going to say today.  She’s been down the last few days but I’m hoping her spirit returns and the goofy Jordan comes back.  But it’s kinda fun seeing her spicy side as well! Am I the only Big Brother 11 feed watcher? Yes, I admit it, I listen to the feeds every summer while I work.  They keep me company. And I enjoyed Jordan on season 9 of BB and The Amazing Race. Go Jordan! See all Daily Photos :me: Related articles Photo of the Day: Big Brother’s Jordan Lloyd and Jeff Schroeder ( Photo of the Day: Jeff Schroeder and Jordan Lloyd and my Favorite Quotes...

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Today’s Quote: A Genius is a Genius…a Moron is a Moron – Ayn Rand

I’ve always believed this, but I’ve never been able to express it as well as Ayn Rand does in this quote.  It’s a quot that just speaks to me and one I use often in trying to get people to see beyond someone’s race or orientation. The funny thing is, I’ve tried to read one of Ayn Rand’s books and just couldn’t get into it. Maybe it was the wrong time, or the wrong place. Maybe it’s time to try again.  Nonetheless, this is how I live my life – judging people by their personal actions and not by the...

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DreamWorks Pictures “The Help”

I saw DreamWorks Studio “The Help” movie a month or so ago and I’ve not been allowed to talk about it, until now.  Now that it’ll be out in theaters this week (August 10th) I can tell you it’s beyond fabulous.  I’ve read the book and the movie stays very true to it with a few difference, and while the missing storylines helped make the book great, I also see that it would have been impossible to fit them all in the movie.  As it is, the movie is long, but I promise, you won’t notice and like me, you’ll be...

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