Disney's California Adventure - Grizzly River Rapids

Disney’s California Adventure – Grizzly River Rapids

This is one of my favorite places in the world….granted, I’ve never traveled the world, but I love just hanging out watching the rafters go by..and their ultimate screams when they get doused with water.  I can people watch here all day, it’s too much fun. There are also so many great photo spots!

Grizzly River Run

You’ll be seated in an 8-person raft by the Grizzly River Rafting Company and you’ll be pulled up a 275-foot-long conveyor belt and then dumped into the foaming waters atop Grizzly Peak. You’ll feel a sense of  peace as you drift among the lush pine groves, but you’ll notice soon that the river is speeding up and you’ll shoot down unexpected gorges and wind your way around sharp turns….all the while knowing there’s more to come…

It’s only a 6-minute journey right in the middle of Disney’s California Adventure, but it’s built to look like a white-water rafting trip beneath the craggy granite mountain, Grizzly Peak.  You’ll plunge down into the runaway river and yes, you’ll likely get soaked, which is pretty cool on a hot day.  There are lockers near the entrance, make use of them for your delicate electronics and purchased souvenirs, but keep your shoes on, they won’t let you ride without them.

My favorite place to stay at Disneyland is the Disney Grand Californian Hotel.  Mostly because of the amazing location, but also because some of the rooms have a view of Grizzly Peak.