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I LOVE Douglas Adams.  His book, “The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy” is genius.  We listened to the audiobook while on vacation at WDW when the boys were about 11 & 13.  I still remember how much we all enjoyed it; sometimes staying in the car when we’d arrived at our destination because the story had hit a pivotal point or was just too good to leave.

Lots of years have passed since that trip and we’ve listened to it as a family several times since.  It’s more than a story about space, robots, the future…it’s about life, the reason for living, and how we all fit together.  I suppose that loving that story, and so many more that he’s written, has given me the chance to think back on life.  As a teen I wanted to go to college and become a psychologist.  But life is funny.  My mother forced me to get a job the summer between high school and college and the pay was just too good to give up come September.  Then in January instead of starting school late, I abandoned the idea because I wanted to move out on my own.

I don’t regret those decisions because they led me to my husband and the life I have now.  A life that I’m so thrilled to enjoy and humbled to be living.  No, I’m not rich….not in monetary ways…but I’m rich in love, and I’ll take that over money any day.  I’m so lucky to be married to my best friend who loves me despite a 100 lb weight gain, gray hair, and penchant for crying at movies (and Hallmark commercials).

So that is love and that’s where my life took me while I was busy making plans to go somewhere else.  May your journey through life be as wonderful and if it’s not, change it.  Find someone who makes you fall in love with him/her all over again every single day.

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