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My sweet little angels - fishing in Eastern WA, probably ages 3 & 5 - 1990ish

My sons were/are two of the kindest and best behaved children ever. No seriously.  We’ve been incredibly blessed with such to great kids and until a few months ago I would have bet money they’d never done anything that I didn’t know about.  Boy, was I wrong.  Like we did to our parents, my children confessed to some of their shady past bad behavior.  Of course like us, they too were adults when then divulged the information.  Having done this myself to my parents, and my husband to his, I guess we shouldn’t have been surprised.

Still when the boys started laughing at our disbelieve of their misdeeds, I had to laugh, too.  Our two perfect children had skipped school.  They’d snuck out of the house at night (climbing out his 2nd story window, across the roof, and off into the night only to realize since he and his cohort had no car, there wasn’t anywhere to go….so the duo snuck back in).  Our oldest also confessed to throwing a party when we went away for a weekend and one of them confessed to using the condoms we provided back when he was 16.

Yes, I was shocked and glad that we’d taken precautions and that our children feel close enough to us to share what they’re up to. Granted years later, but still, I’m happy they love us enough to hang out and share secrets.  So the moral of the story is, no matter how great your kids are, don’t bet the farm on what you think they’re up to.  You’ll likely lose.  And assume they’re doing what you think they’re not and prepare them for the consequences.

Still, I’d do it all again in a heartbeat.  Look at the adorable boys above – I get to be their mom.  How lucky am I!

Happy Parenting! 🙂

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