Mississippi Savanna Rainbow

My son’s office – with a view of a full rainbow

My youngest son is interning in Mississippi.  He’s a long way from home physically…we don’t have high heat and humidity up here and mentally.  To make it worse, he’s now doing wildland fire fighting with them down there – he’s currently somewhere in Arkansas on an engine crew.  Weird, because my husband is a fire fighter and wildland fire fighter and the kid went to college and got a degree in Wildlife Management…you know, he learned to catalog plants and animal poop.  So I never bargained for another fire fighter in the family.

This is a photo he took with his camera phone before he left for Arkansas on Monday – a complete rainbow.  This is the view he has ever day as they go out in the field to work – nice “office”.   Here’s hoping it brings him and all the other fire fighters good luck.