Petal Crafts Topsy Turvy Cake Pans

Lopsided cakes are so popular!  Sure you can pay a professional cake artist or you can DIY and bake and stack multiple layers of cake and then carve them hoping they lay correctly and don’t topple over. Or you can use this new pan from PetalCrafts!  This speciality pan is for both the home baker and professional and it’s genius!

The Petal Crafts Topsy Turvy Cake Pan™ (patent pending) is an exclusive level stand design that makes either round or rectangular crazy cakes.  These professional-grade baking pan sets are made from 4-gauge aluminum alloy and anodized-treated to strengthen the aluminum and provide an attractive finish. All of the pans have straight sides and even wall thickness throughout for an evenly baked cake.  The pans are seamless which means no trapped cake crumbs and no worries of contamination plus they’re easy to clean.

The set of four pans measures 6 inches, 8 inches,10 inches and 12 inches in diameter, with a height of 2 1/2 to 3 inches per pan.

“This style of cake has been very intimidating even for seasoned bakers and cake decorators, as they have had to cut and shape the cake layers, much as a sculptor does to get this tilting effect.  Most people have wasted a tremendous amount of the cake in the trimmings that have to be discarded. I wanted something that made it easy and allowed the baker to really focus on the artistry and not the architecture,” says Kaye Hartman, Petal Crafts founder.

DIY Lopsided Wedding Cake

Gorgeous DIY Lopsided Wedding Cake

The new Petal Crafts Topsy Turvy Cake Pan™ is available in round or square form. The round pan retails for $85.95 and the square pan for $99.95.

Need ideas?  Hartman has created a specialty web page for Topsy Turvy cake bakers  to inspire the cake artists and novices alike.  You’ll find some gorgeous cakes decorated by homemakers and professionals as well as recipes and tips to make your cakes turn out beautifully.