Yearly brother bird hunting trip, Eastern WA

Bird Hunting, Eastern, WA - the hubby on the left, his friend motioning to a dog that can't be seen, and one of 3 brothers on the right.

Back when the hubby and I started dating (1980) he told me he was a hunter.  No one in my family hunted so I knew nothing about the sport.  I ate meat back then and I liked to take nature hikes, so when the future hubby asked if I’d like to go with him on his next trip I said sure.  Ah, the things you do when you’re first dating….

So we drove to Eastern Washington and we parked in front of a farmer’s field.  Huh?  This was not how I imagined hunting.  Where were the woods?  The beautiful flowers and fauna?  Instead here was a corn field, recently harvested, and barren.  It was mostly flat but there were some steep hills to get from field to field.

What was really weird is that we were within sight of the farmer’s house (and all his neighbors) the whole time.  It seemed too weird to me to be wandering around in a field; with a gun.  That was the last time I went hunting and sadly the farmer (who my husband had a hunting arrangement with) passed away, so the hubby didn’t hunt for a few years.  Well, the birth of our kids happened about the same time to add to the lack of free time.  But as the kids got older, the hubby started going again.  One of the boys was interested and took a gun safety class.  The other one still isn’t interested.

At least once a year, the hubby and his brothers head out to hunt for Chukars, Pheasants or Turkeys and most of the time they come home with nothing but charge slips for expensive steak dinners with large amounts of good wine and memories of some really fun times in the field.  The last trip our oldest went and he snapped this photo.  While they still traipse through farmer’s fields, I think I might try it again in the future.  It’s 30 years later and I’m a vegetarian now, but I can hunt with my camera and make memories with the hubby.

Here’s to finding ways to stay connected now that our boys have flown away.