Jeff Schroeder and Jordan Lloyd Big Brother 11 and 13 - 2009

Jeff Schroeder and Jordan Lloyd Big Brother 11 and 13 – 2009

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First, this is my original photo.  I’ve seen it everywhere on the net but yes, I took it when I met them in 2009.  They were adorable.  Jordan cracks me up and here are some of my favorite Jordanisms:

  • “I always hated the kids you were trying to cheat from that would cover their papers”
  • “I might not be the smartest crayon in the box, but I’m not that dumb.”
  • “This is dry clean only. Does that mean I can iron it? “
  • “Ronnie was just using big words on me, I didn’t know what he meant.”
  • “I wouldn’t want to be a monkey ’cause they smell and they throw their poop at you.” 
  • Jordan: “I love peaches but I usually like the more furry ones.”  Russel: “Those aren’t peaches those are nectarines.”
  • “Last week, your sink was shipping.” 
  • “Remember those three guys, the Four Horsemen?”
  • “I usually pee in the pool. Since this is Big Brother, I won’t”
  • Jeff: “How do you plan on becoming a multi-millionaire?”
    Jordan: “Buy a house
    Jeff: “No, what would you DO to BECOME one”
    Jordan: “Pay off mah bills”
  • Jordan – “I like George Strait”
    Jeff – “I like George Crooked”
    Jordan – “I don’t know who that is”
  • Russell: “Ronnie thinks you’re dumb. I think you are smart.”
    Jordan: “Just because I don’t wear glasses and a dork shirt.”

I love how pure and simple Jordan is. She has no filter and she does no harm.  I strive to be more like her.  If I had a daughter, I’d want one just like her.  Thanks for another summer of pure fun and enjoyment.

Go Jeff & Jordan!

Additional photos from the event .