Solar Powered Garden Lights – blue


Solar Powered Garden Lights – blue

I love Uncommon Goods.  It’s my go-to place for cool and unusual gifts for any occasion. They stock creative, eco-friendly gifts, birthday gifts, as well as gifts for weddings, baby showers, anniversaries, just for fun gifts, and more.  They have such an eclectic site and I can browse there for hours!

Recently I had the pleasure of trying out their service and while at first I shopped for men’s gifts, thinking I’d purchase something for my husband, it wasn’t long before my eye fell upon a solar-powered string of lights by Aurora Glow. As I looked at them, enthralled by their uniqueness, it wasn’t long before I talked myself into getting them for *US*.  See I reasoned that the hubby BBQs late at night, and these would help light the way… least that’s what I convinced myself of, so I could get them, guilt-free.

So I ordered the lights and when they came I was in awe.  They’re stunning.  Little pieces of hand-blown glass art.  The colors are phenomenal, they work beautifully even with the minimal sunlight we get here in Seattle.  I love laying on the couch that overlooks  the tree they hang on late at night; they’re like little earth globes all lighted up.  I got the blue, but they come in red as well.  The blue are cool and fit our personality, but the red would have been stunning as well.  They were also very competitively priced!

The lights are even beautiful in the daytime.   Seriously.  Well except for the cords that need to be hidden among the leaves.  I was worried that I’d have to bring the light string in for the winter, but they say year-round and that thrills me.  I can’t wait to see them in the snow!   And yes, I’ve become that little old lady that has a tree full of hummingbird feeders and glass balls….but it’s me.  So if you have a mom my age, and I know most of you do, check out Uncommon Goods for gift ideas for mom.  I’m sure they have something she’ll love and while you’re shopping, feel free to purchase the matching garden stake lights for me, k? 🙂