Arctic Zero VarietyArctic Zero created the first 150-calorie frozen dessert that is gluten-free, lactose-free, low in sugar, low glycemeic, and suitable for type 2 diabetics that tastes great!  It sounds impossible and they weren’t successful with all of the flavors, but there are plenty that I enjoyed and recommend!  I especially love their new 85-calorie chocolate dipped frozen bars!  They come in 4 flavors, 2 different flavors to a box and the chocolate/vanilla flavors are a must-try!

Arctic Zero Chocolate Covered Frozen Bars

Arctic Zero Chocolate Covered Frozen Bars

Arctic Zero® reminds me of ice milk.  We used to eat it all the time as kids but it seems to have disappeared and been replaced by fatty ice cream that’s delicious, but so rich it’s just too much and not refreshing.  That could be why I rarely eat ice cream any more and opt for frozen yogurt when I do enjoy a frozen treat.  Arctic Zero® is a lot like ice milk – icy rather than creamy.  The chocolate flavor reminds me of a Wendy’s Frosty – very similar in taste and when you leave it out for a few moments it’s pretty similar in consistency and feeling.  Delicious.

Yes, you can eat the whole pint  for only 150 calories, but I find I can’t eat that much at a time.  I do like it after it’s thawed a bit, it could just be that our freezer is extra cold, but it’s hard as a rock when I first pull it out of the freezer.  The vanilla is perfect for adding fresh fruit like blueberries, strawberries, and raspberries to make it even more delicious.

We didn’t enjoy all of the flavors, some because we just don’t like the flavor and it and wouldn’t matter who made it – ie., coffee.  Some we haven’t had a chance to try yet, and others we’ll be sharing with the guys at the Fire Station because they love ice cream but they love staying in shape more.  This seems like a perfect treat  for for them and I’ve never seen a Fire Fighter turn down a bowl of ice cream yet.

Arctic Zero® was developed to provide the health benefits, nutrition, and the taste that all of us want. It’s a frozen protein shake that satisfies your ice cream craving

What I love about Arctic Zero® and why it’s going to be our must-have frozen treat from now on is that it’s made from natural and organic ingredients that are not GMO, they’re made from high-quality whey protein, and they’re low in sugar.  But best of all, they’re tasty and for me, that’s #1.  I’m not going to eat a treat that’s not good and I prefer a treat that’s good for me.  Arctic Zero® does that.



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