Shea Butter – Image via Wikipedia

I’m getting ready for our “It’s All About Me” week which starts a week from today.  I’m fortunate in that I’m asked to try out a lot of products.  In doing so, I’ve learned a lot more about skincare, ingredients, and the like.

Tonight I’ve been learning more about shea butter and anti-aging skincare products (uh, hello!  I just turned 50, it’s probably time I start doing something to stare down the wrinkles forming).  Right now I’m using a shea butter body lotion and loving it, but I know me, I’m lazy, and it won’t be long before I’m back to doing nothing.

Shea Nuts – Image via Wikipedia

So what I’ve learned about shea butter is that it’s generally sourced from Africa and made from the shea nut.  The ugly nuts are harvested and ground until they make a rich and creamy vegetable butter.   To the shea butter paste, other ingredients can be added to provide scent or change the way the shea butter behaves on the skin.  Shea butter is thought to protect and nourish the skin, provide moisture, and sooth and comfort skin while healing and helping to regenerate it

My favorite scents are natural and definitely not synthetic.  Lavender is my favorite scent by far and I grow it in my yard so I have cuttings for the house, but lemon isn’t far behind and I grow lemon thyme for the same reason.  It makes weeding the garden enjoyable.

I’m enjoying learning more about shea butter and where it comes from.  I’m surprised at how little I know about the products I put on my body – I’m trying to change that by becoming more informed.  A little knowledge goes a long way!

Here’s to never stopping the learning process!