Kristi Yamaguchi's Power Workout Fitness DVDKristi Yamaguchi skated into the national spotlight with her Olympic Gold Medal win in Women’s Figure Skating in 1992. She won the hearts of many American’s with her quiet confidence and grace.  She took the national spotlight again in 2008 when she won Dancing with the Stars and yet again in 2010 Kristi when she took on the role as an on-air correspondent during the Vancouver Winter Olympics.

Kristi is a writer as well.  Her children’s book, Dream Big, Little Pig!, was released by Sourcebooks on March 15 of this year.  Kristi is a wife and mother of two who believes in creating the best life possible and that includes exercise.  To that end, Kristi released her first-ever exercise DVD, Kristi Yamaguchi: Power Workout (May’s Power Workout), on May 3, 2011 through Acacia Lifestyle.  This new workout, designed for busy moms, is split into three 10-minute circuits plus a bonus abs and chest segment.  The workout is meant to tone your whole body and burn calories while fitting into your busy workout.  The only equipment you’ll need are light hand weights and a mat.

Kristie Yamaguchi - Image via Wikipedia

The bonus segments include a 12-minute stretching routine  and a special Q & A with Kristi.  The DVD includes a collaboration with Erin O’Brien.  Erin’s been working as a personal trainer and group exercise specialist for 20 years. She holds certifications in a variety of fitness discipline and he other Acacia DVDs include: Strong Body, Fit Body (Dec. 2010); Strong Body, Ageless Body; Prenatal Fitness Fix; and Postnatal Rescue.

So how’s the workout?  It’s challenging but manageable and gives me something to work up to.  I like Kristi and Erin – nothing goofy – just a quiet confidence and constant support from both.  It definitely feels like Kristi is just there to lend her name – this is decidedly Erin’s program.  The program is very 80’s–traditional aerobics with a few power moves, but I’m OK with that, I’ve actually missed the grapevine move.

Kristi Yamaguchi: Power Workout (May’s Power Workout) is available $16.99 on DVD or Digital Download and runs approximately 53 minutes.  Kristi’s next workout, Strength & Grace, comes out in December.