Think, Act, Love, Lose WeightMost Americans battle daily with weight issues and for most people, including myself, it’s not just about what you eat, it’s also why you eat.  in his new book  Think, Act, Love, Lose WeightShane Jeremy James shares his own experiences with addiction and weight gain.  His personal journey is what let him to realize that if diet and/or exercise alone were the only answer to long-term weight loss,  then the term “yo-yo” dieting wouldn’t be in existance.  If it was only about diet and exercise there wouldn’t be so many fads that fail, so many cycles of loss and regain.

Shane’s methods come from personal experiences and failures. At one time he was struggling to make ends meet, addicted to drugs, 65lbs. overweight, with no home, no money and no sense of direction. It was amidst all this hopelessness that Shane made the biggest decision of his life. He decided not to accept failure or defeat ever again. The one thing Shane understood was the power of knowledge. Shane went out and read over 500 books in the fields of psychology, health, business, success, weight loss, nlp, persuasion, relationships and trends. Realizing he was onto something big, he went hundreds of seminars and spent hours and hours listening to endless CD programs, all the while seeking any other information he could get his hands on. Quickly, his life started to take a positive change.

For many, weight is an emotional issues that’s supported by a lifestyle that sabotages goals.  It’s a vicious cycle that he says is possible to end.  James, a former Curves owner and fitness expert , has himself  lost 65-pounds and he shares what he learned on that journey in Think, Act, Love, Lose Weight. James doesn’t promise overnight results, nor that your extra pounds will melt away. But he does offer ways to start living your life as a thin, healthy person free from the emotional and physical treadmill that many people live on instead of enjoying their lives.

“The only way that you can keep the weight off permanently is if you understand how to change your thinking process and then take action with new behavior,” James writes in his popular blog. “Think about this: It does not matter if you have the best exercise routine in the world and the best eating plan, if you can’t get yourself motivated.”

What I love about Think, Act, Love, Lose Weight  is that James feels the same way I do….love yourself now, not when you’ve lost the weight. Self-acceptance doesn’t mean you have to resign yoursel to being overweight, it just means you need to love your body for what it does for you and move and eat to get it to do more.  It’s that simple.

The book is motiviational without preaching and has great information on food as fuel and exercising as keeping what you have as well as improving on what it can do.  Although there is a meal plan, it’s not a diet.  It’s a lifestyle plan – how to eat, what to eat, and why you should eat.  He lets you know about the benefits of certain foods and why you should add them to your diet – things like sprouted grain bred, homemade energy bars,  quinoa, and other disease fighting and energizing foods.

Think, Act, Love, Lose Weight is a nicely balanced book that I enjoyed reading and one I’ll refer back to often.


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