Jeff Scroder, mom, and Jordan Lloyd - Big Brother 11

Jeff Schroeder, mom, and Jordan Lloyd - Big Brother 11

I can’t believe it’s been 2 years since Jordan Lloyd won season 11 of “Big Brother” and we got the chance to meet her and Jeff Schroeder at a Real Player event here in Seattle.  It was just days after Jordan had spent the summer on the show and she was still feeling a little overwhelmed by it all.  We ran across the duo as they were in search of some food before the event and even though they were starving, they kindly stopped to take photos with my mom and some other fans waiting to see them.

Jeff and Jordan did a Q&A that was broadcast on the internet and the entire eventing was a lot of fun.  It culminated with a chance to get our free t-shirts autographed.  The duo couldn’t have been funnier or kinder and although I think Schroeder can be a bit of a jerk, which was confirmed this year with his homophobic rant about gay teachers.  So here we are, spending another summer with the twosome, and loving every minute of it.  And yes, Schroeder is STUNNING in person and Lloyd even cuter than on TV.  But she’s so warm, friendly, and sweet that you hardly care that she’s so beautiful.  She appears to be genuine and I love that.

Big Brother” is my guilty summer pleasure and I’ve been watching the REAL show on the live feeds since the first year.  I love seeing how humans think, act, and behave under adverse conditions.  It’s a bit addicting and I swear every year is my last, and yet here I am again, immersed in all the drama inside the house.  It’s like a car wreck – you know you shouldn’t look because it’s going to be ugly, but you can’t turn away.

Go Jeff & Jordan!

Additional photos from the event .