Bob Harper Beginnig Exercise Weightloss DVDI loved Bob Harper the first few seasons he was on “Biggest Loser“.  But somewhere along the way someone decided that berating and belittling the contestants was better for TV I guess, so Bob and uber nasty trainer Jillian became cruel.  So when I was first approached to check out Bob’s new fitness DVD I was hesitant.  I certainly would not recommend the trainer he’s become on the show.  But luckily, Bob left that guy behind and on the DVD he’s the old Bob.  Supportive, encouraging, and informative without screaming, yelling, and name calling.

Harper’s newest DVD, Bob Harper: Beginner’s Weight Loss, is his first for ‘beginners’. But I’m still trying to figure out what beginner can complete it. The pitch is that it’s specifically for beginners to help introduce us to a results-centered workout routine and to target those who need to get back into exercising.  The DVD combines two workouts for a total of 56 minutes – these are muscle-building drills meant to burn fat and build up your stamina.  He focuses on cardiovascular conditioning and muscle toning and he also provides a 10-Minute Beginner Abs routine that builds up your core.

“It was important for me to up the ante in this program,” Harper said. “The workout will offer a challenging alternative to traditional beginner workouts, which are often slow-paced and sluggish.”

But to call this new workout a beginner workout is a bit misleading.  There are some tough strength moves right off the bat that most beginners are not going to be able to do them.  And that’s unfortunate.  It’s too easy to get disappointed or injured and drop out. I would have liked to have seen alternative moves for newbies with the power moves left for those not just starting out.  Check out the video sample below, those floor exercises are not easy!

Bob Harper: Beginner’s Weight Loss VIDEO PREVIEW

Bob’s new DVD collection, Bob Harper: Beginner’s Weight Loss, is available exclusively online at and in stores everywhere on August 2, 2011. Bob Harper: Beginner’s Weight Loss Transformation retails for $14.98 and is available exclusively at  But if you’re just starting to exercise again, skip this one.  Purchase it when you need a challenge.

About Bob Harper

Bob Harper, the fan favorite, fitness guru of NBC’s worldwide hit, “The Biggest Loser,” is the brilliant force behind countless success stories from people who had previously given up on helping themselves, or had been written off as helpless by others. The success of the show has led to Harper’s own DVDs, books, workout equipment, supplements, motivational speaking engagements and personal appearances. He has become an authority on wellness through motivating others by applying his “Inside Out” philosophy: a raw, challenging integration of mind, body, and spiritual fitness that pushes one’s mentality and physicality with the intention of reaching a greater sense of accomplishment while powering for a better body and a more enriched life. Harper is certified with the American Fitness Training of Athletics and with Aerobics and Fitness Association of America.

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