My mom and I on my wedding day - October 8, 1983

My mom and I on my wedding day – October 8, 1983

That day in 1983 seems like a lifetime ago that happened just yesterday. I remember most every little details and yet it’s a distant memory. I like to think I’m the same girl behind those eyes, but I know I’ve changed. I am older and wiser, though this girl in the photo would have argued that that aged doesn’t always equal wiser.  She railed against being told how to do things by those older thinking she knew all the answers.  She’s stumbled now and then on the way to old age but pretty much she’s the same girl she’s always been.

Back then we did are our hair and make-up – no salon visits and days of pampering.  No professional make-up artist on site.  We did the set up of the church ourselves – no wedding coordinators for anyone but the rich in those days.  We did splurge on a limousine, until then reserved for funeral use mostly, and our driver took us on a scenic tour of Seattle after stopping at 7-11 for a bottle of champagne.  By the time we arrived at our reception this girl who had never had champagne before in her life was more than a little tipsy.  We danced for hours and then finally took our leave to head to the Red Lion Hotel at SeaTac for our wedding night where we both promptly fell asleep.  Too much champage, too much dancing, and too much anxiety about flying for the first time that morning took their tolls.

We woke early, still groggy and dare I say hung over, and were driven the short distance to the airport by my little sister.  Off on our first plane ride ever and certainly not our last as husband and wife.  We were headed to the bright lights and big city….Reno, Nevada.  Hey, in 1983 it was quite the destination and having just paid for our own wedding (a shocking $10K in 1983), it’s all we could afford.  And yes, after a few days alone we invited my mom, dad, and grandma to come join us – we had a fabulous time.

My mom is still with us and we’ve take plenty of trips together.  What a wonderful life I’ve had.