My hubby the Fire Fighter

My husband in uniform. LOVE! – © DJ Sonsteng Photography – used with permission

I took some photos the other day of a Renton Fire Fighter at a community event. As I posted it here to my site, I thought how much I’d like a photo of my own husband like the one I took.  It got me wondering if there were photos out there of my husband since he participates in events that could likely end up on a blog or news site.  So I started Googling and ended up Stumbling and I came upon a set of photos taken of my husband’s fire department.  And better yet, when I checked the helmets (they all look the same to me in gear), there were several of my guy!

Thrilled, I contacted the photographer, DJ Sonsteng, who it turns out knows my hubby and actually worked as a volunteer at the same department for a few years!   My husband was also one of the crew on the scene when DJ’s son stopped breathing at his home.  So not only are there fabulous photos of my husband on the job, they’re taken by someone he has a history with – I love that!

When I contacted DJ he was kind enough to offer me the two original photos on his site (one is above), plus two more that were in his archives.  I’m beyond thrilled and will be having them made into wrapped canvases for our boys.  The hubby is nearing the end of his career and there just aren’t going to be many opportunities for me to collect photos like this and he’s certainly not going to pose for me any time soon.  Getting him to sit still long enough for a camera to focus is just about impossible.  Plus, DJ is a professional photographer and I am not…’nuf said!

Special thanks to DJ Sonsteng for taking these amazing photos and for making them available to me. Check out the DJ Sonsteng Photography  Facebook page for some amazing pregnancy and baby photos as well as his SmugMug account where the NHFD and Emergency Services photos are located and  where prints can be ordered.  He also highlights some of his amazing Wedding, Family, Senior Portraits, and more, many at fabulous Seattle vistas or landmarks, on his SmugMug page.

Additional Emergency Service photos by DJ Sonsteng Photography: AMR, Airlift Northwest, Seattle Fire Department, King County Medic One, Kent Fire Department, King County Sheriffs Office, Seattle Police Department