Learn and Win!It’s Fitness Week here at MiscFinds4u and we’re kicking it off by doing a giveaway!  Check out the Top Trainers DVD set and enter to win (ARV $89.99). The giveaway runs until Sunday, but it’s not the only thing we’ll be giving away this week!  We’ll also be doing daily reviews of fitness equipment, exercise DVDs, weight loss books, food, and more.

Now I know most of you are sweating under extreme heat conditions and the LAST thing on your mind is exercising, but taking care of yourself is a year-round process, not just something you think about the first of every year.  And we’ve got some upcoming reviews that you’ll be able to enjoy, even at 104 degree! We’ll be sharing stuff perfect for the beginner and on up to the exercise warrior!

Each day we’ll highlight and/or giveaway several differing fitness items to help motivate you to get going….if not now, maybe to plant the seed for the future, say when the sun goes down for the day?  Plus, eating right can be done no matter what the outside temps are and we’ll be telling you about AND GIVING AWAY our new favorite frozen treat, Arctic Zero – it’ll get you through even the hottest summer day without adding guilt with tons of sugar and fat.

Here’s what you’ll see this week:

Exercise DVDs

Fitness Equipment