Novica logoI love handmade items, especially when the purchase of them benefits those in need.  Novica is a website dedicated to bringing artists’ work from around the world to enjoy in our homes that benefit artisans in impoverished areas.  In their partnership with National Geographic, they offer gifts for Dad, Eco-Friendly Gifts, Corporate Gifts, Collectibles, Spiritual and Inspirational Gifts and more from artists in the Andes, Bali and Java, Brazil, Central America, India, Mexico, Thailand and West Africa.  Stunning pieces of work from hand-forged jewelry, hand-painted ceramics, blown glass, and more.

Novica works directly with artists through its regional offices, stressing their stories as much as the art…And Novica founders vow to uphold two cardinal rules: The artist must earn more than the going local rate, and the consumer must pay below-market prices. That means anywhere between a 10% and 50% price boost for local artisans and as much as a 400% savings for consumers–giving buyers a chance to do the right thing while saving money. It has also opened up global markets to those long restricted by local distribution alone.  – Source Web Firm Profits by Enriching Both Artisans and Buyers by Lee Romney, Times Staff Writer, Los Angeles Times

Novica has over 2,000 artisans selling their wares through their website. Curious about their artists and why they participate?  Visit Novica’s Mission page and hear from the artists’ directly.  Reading their stories is so inspirational and just knowing that my piece will have traveled further than I have in my lifetime is intriguing.  And to come from a country I’ll likely never visit – wow.  I love the way that artists and consumers are being brought together – it’s making the world just a little smaller and I can’t help but think that the more we know about each other and interact, the harder it will be for us to hate.

Novica has pieces in every price range – from just a few dollars to a few thousand –  and in many different decorating styles.  I’ve fallen in love with a few pieces that I might be able to squeeze into the budget soon…

Explore Novica’s Offerings

Acrylic Paintings  |  African Masks  |  Area Rugs  |  Art Glass Vases  |  Bracelets  |  Chess Sets  | Christmas Ornaments  |  Earrings  |  Handmade Jewelry  | Jewelry Boxes  |  Men’s Accessories | Men’s Sterling Silver Cufflinks  |   Mirrors  |  Murano Glass Vases  | Necklaces  |  Oil Paintings  |  Pearl Jewelry  |  Ponchos  |  Sculpture  |  Turquoise Jewelry  | Unique Gifts  |  Wood Carvings  | Wool Scarves


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  • Novica Live – a home party division. Become a Novica rep!
  • Novica Artisan Loans – “…the first-ever microfinance website where customers can purchase products and lend money directly to artisans, with loans at 0% interest

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