Go PicnicI’ve written about GoPicnic before (Disney Travel Tips – How I Save Money On Food at Disneyland and Walt Disney World) but I’ve tried several new flavors and wanted to share.  What are GoPicnic’s?  They’re a healthy alternative to on-the-go lunches like Lunchables.  While Lunchables may seem convenient, they’re full of processed foods with artificial colors and flavorings, and they’re generally heavy on the sugar. Plus they have the unecessary inconvience of needing refrigeration, making them a bit of a hassle to take out.

GoPicnic ‘s are Ready to Eat Meals that are nutritious, delicious and shelf stable so they don’t require refrigeration. And that’s what makes them perfect for lunches, emergency kits (watch expiration dates), car trips, picnics, and more.  Plus, GoPicnic ‘s are available for just about every dietary need including  vegan and vegetarian (me!), gluten-free, kosher and GMO-Free.  Plus, every food item is labeled with its ingredients, nutritional information, and calories so you never have to worry about allergies – nothing hidden!  And every item is wholesome and that means they’re free of trans fats,  high fructose corn syrup (HFCS), monosodium glutamate (MSG), and they never, ever have artificial flavors and colors.

What GoPicnic ‘s do have are a fabulous balance of protein, fruit, and fiber in a great little package that fits just about anywhere – like a backpack, picnic basket, or brief case.  Plus, because they’ve worked to use recycled and recyclable material whenever possible, they’re environmentally friendlier. And each item in the meal is individually wrapped so you can enjoy them at different times of the day, but one box is just enough for one meal, so there’s no extra to get thrown away.

Steak Nuggets + Cheese
Tuna + Crackers
Turkey Pepperoni + Cheese

Energy Boost Gluten-Free Care Package features tasty treats. Price: $29.99 each!

They also make great gifts!  I recently sent my son who’s living in Mississippi a care package full of GoPicnics.  The weather there is over 100 so choosing something I could ship safely, that would arrive in great condition, and something he could enjoy out in the field was important. After searching for awhile it became clear that GoPicnic‘s were the perfect treat.  He was thrilled to receive quality food that’s convenient, requires no heating or refrigeration, and that can stand up to the heat.  Of course, I had to pick the meals without chocolate and some cheeses because of the weather conditions, but there were plenty to choose from.  I’ll be putting together another package soon!


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